Teaching Philosophy

We are all students and teachers. Our learning and teaching experience starts at birth; newborns observe and learn and at the same time they pass along small but valuable in- sights about their view of the world. Learning and teaching continues through our life, it never stops until the end. My goal is to enrich and expand the perspective my students bring to the courses I teach. I aspire to make the classroom experience both rewarding and enjoyable. Students moti- vate and challenge me to consistently evaluate new teaching approaches, which have led me to use technology in the classroom in a creative manner. For instance, I use Twitter to share relevant articles, facilitate class discussion, and link course frameworks to current events. Most recently, I participated in “Westwood College technology in the classroom” project that helped launch new learning opportunities using emerging technology. It is experiences like this that I pass on in my mentoring and teaching. It is also where I continue to be a student myself.

 I teach at Westwood School of Design and Mentor at Depaul University, Chicago. Here are sample of classes that I have previously taught or currently teaching.

Digital and Book Portfolio Class

Professional-level digital and tradiitional book portfolio developement in the graphic design field from concept to distribution with individual flexibility for professional development. Class emphasis was on the synthesis of technical, functional, and aesthetic factors such as design concepts, layout, typography, illustration and production processes. See more.

Advertising Campaigns

Class focus was on advertising campaigns and concepts related to graphic design in print and digital media outlets. Topics included concept development, creative brief writing that incorporates media types, client positioning, measuring ROI. Upon course completion students developed ad campaign using targeted marketing messages to effectively promote a product or service. See more.

Package Design

This course investigated design concepts as they relate to 3D forms and current packaging trends. Topics included contemporary package design, manufacturing and printing technologies, and design elements related to products and promotional materials. See more.

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