3D Modeling

Creating art by using new media combines my great passion for 3d modeling and texturing. However, nostalgia to smell and feel the paint doesn't fade and more often I find myself in front of the canvas, without an "undo" option. Just pure and uncensored transfer of feelings and experiences. Check out my painting section.

Computer Rendered Image Red room

Red Room - 3D modeling and rendering: Maya, Postproduction: Photoshop

3D Model of Barrel
3D Model of Barrel

Barrels - Maya 3D rendering. Study of digital textures and artificial global illumination

Concept Idea: Original idea came from my recent trip to France where we had taken some pictures at one of the wineries. The contrast in lighting was so dramatic that I saw an opportunity to use this idea and represent it as a lighting project.

Model creation: I created models using Rhino and 3dmax. Most of the textures were original digital images applied as a texture map, with exception for the background image for which I used stock photo. Lighting work: Research work for lighting set up was done over the past few weeks by observing different times of the day, and how weather and time effect objects and lights around us. It started as a general study, but once digital creation was involved, my observation became deeper. I conclude that just by observing one object and realistically trying to recreate it in a virtual world requires skill and knowledge of not just software but of nature itself.

The American Sign Language Avatar Project at DePaul University

3D face rendering


Combining computer technology and linguistics research to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and hearing worlds, our team of deaf and hearing researchers is working towards the realization of a digital English-to-ASL translator.

What I did

As part of multiperson team I worked on collecting data points for use in facial modeling. Modeled and textured facial expressions for 10 signs using Maya software. Check out live demo.

Computer Rendered Image Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape - POV rendering, Modeling: POV script

3D face rendering
3D rendering